São Paulo

São Paulo

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Loveless: an awakened bar.

César Moreira, known as O Velho de Sao Paulo (The Old Man of Sao Paulo) is a tenacious, ornery old bastard who rules his city with an iron fist. The doyen of Metrópole’s truculent polit-
ical scene, Moreira has been re-elected no less than six times,
two of those while under siege from scandals. Now at ninety-one years of age, most assume what will cause his seat to go up for grabs is his death rather than any electoral loss.
Moreira’s invincible political tenure owes to several factor. First, he has a popular “open line”-type show broadcasted over the Matrix that runs once a week, on Thursday mornings,
where he fields questions from the population. Anyone can call, rich or poor, and complain about something or ask about something, or whatever it is they want. The mayor will field the
question and, more often than not, act on the grievance. He sugarcoats nothing and does not hold back. Anyone that has an unrealistic or just plain stupid demand gets verbally back-
handed in short order. Watching the old man dispatch idiots is one of the reasons his show is so popular. However, any fair demand gets fairly answered, in the kind of straight talk that
makes people admire him.
The other main reason for his success is the fact half of the politicians in power from Rio to Sao Paulo owe him some sort of favor. Moreira has, throughout his career, seen value in
nurturing cronyism. He has helped, and continues to help, up-and-coming politicians at every strata of Metrópole’s political game. He manages a complex board of peons, a web of favor
trading, never forgetting who owes what due to what. In addition, Moreira is known to be one of the city’s biggest Mr. Johnsons. One of his fixers—always someone that, officially, cannot in any way be connected to him—will handle all the business at first. Teams that have proven themselves can be selected for especially sensitive jobs, in which case Moreira will deal with
the runners personally. Most of these jobs center around causing or averting blackmail or scandals, though the occasional kidnapping or sending a message is not uncommon. All runners working for Moreira are expected to avoid making scenes and, as much as possible, avoid any sort of killing. Moreira, for all his corruption, abhors the loss of life.

Organized Crime: Vory


Commando Sombra: Shadow command, a left wing paramilitary group. Some say they are little more than a gang others say a menace. Lead by someone named Serrano.

Comando Vermelho

University of São Paulo
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São Paulo

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