GM has final say on what edges/hindrances/powers/ fit the universe

The following Edges are not allowed Champion, Gadgeteer, Holy/Unholy Warrior, Mr. Fix It, Noble, Power Points, Power Surge, Rapid Recharge, Improved Rapid Recharge, Soul Drain, Weird science and psionics.


Quick, quick is replaced with cyberware, adept powers, or spells


Edges from Shadowrun (positive qualities)

Astral chameleon: With the Astral Chameleon quality, the character’s astral signature blends into the background of astral space and is difficult to detect. All signatures left by the character last only half as long as other astral signatures. Any individu- als assensing astral signatures left behind by a character with this quality receive a –2 dice pool modifier for the Assensing Test. Only characters with a Magic rating and capable of leaving astral signatures may have this quality.


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