character Creation


1 Benny (edge in SR5) (2)
1 free novice edge (2)
total: +4

get charismatic edge (2)
Start D6 agility (
low light vision (+1)
arrogant (m) (-1) (if you feel this is inappropriate for your character discuss taking another minor hindrance with your GM
total: +4

Starting sprit d6 (2)
+1 toughness (
4 resisting toxins (1)
-1 pace, D4 running die (-2)
thermal vision (+1)
total: +4

1 toughness (2)
D6 strength (2)
D6 vigor (
-2 charisma (-1)
-1 Benny ( -2)
low light (+1)
total: +4


d8 strength (3)
d8 vigor (
1 Armor (skin, not compatible with armor from cyberware is compatible with other armor +1)
+1 Size (
1 Reach (1)
-1 Bennies (-2)
-1 novice edge (-2)
-2 charisma (outsider -1)
pace of 4 and a D4 running die (-2)
Thermal vision (+1)
total: +4

An AI in a drone body. Note they still need a Deck (TAP) to connect with the net otherwise they are bound to the android body they are in and cannot hack.

Construct: Androids add+2 to recover from being Shaken, don’t suffer wound modifiers, and are immune to poison and disease. Androids cannot heal naturally. To heal an android requires the Repair skill — which is used like the Healing skill, only with no “Golden Hour.”

Dual Processors: Androids start with a d6 in Smarts.
EMP Vulnerability: Androids suffer full damage from EMP, spells with the trapping electricity, and taser weapons.
• Metal Brain: Androids can’t take Arcane Backgrounds.
• Metallic Alloy: The fully metallic hide of an android provides resistance to small arms fire. They have +2 Armor.
Outsider: Organic races often mistrust or misunderstand androids. They subtract 2 from their Charisma when dealing with races other than
their own.
• Primary Protocol: Androids begin with a free d6 in one skill, representing their core operating system.
• Recharge: Androids need electricity to function. If the android can’t access an electrical outlet of some sort at least once per day, he suffers a level of Fatigue each day until he’s incapacitated. The day after that, he goes “offline” and must be reactivated with a Repair roll and a four-hour charge. This replaces the
android’s need for food or water.
• Unnatural: magic, both beneficial and detrimental, suffer a −2 penalty to affect androids if at all; GM’s call. This has no effect on damaging powers, which affect them normally.

Everything else TBA

character Creation

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