Adeps take Arcane Background Adept, start wtih three powers, and use the no power points rules; rolling spirit to activate powers that require activation.

Adept powers are bought using SW rules and are to be picked from this list or ask your GM.

Adept powers:


Animal Empathy:

Attribute boost: boost/lower trait power

Astral perception: allows you to make a perception roll on the astral plane

Berzerk: As per SW (not available to nonadept PC’s)

Berzerker Rage: TBA

Blind Fighting: TBA

Combat Sense: plus 1 parry

Cloak: plus one to avoiding a detection spell

Cool resolve: +1 in all social tests

Commanding voice: +2 to any intimidation or leadership test

Counterstrike: TBA

Critical Strike: TBA

Danger Sense: +1 on surprise tests

Enhanced perception: TBA

Elemental Body/strike/weapon: SW Damage Field power

Empathic Healing: TBA

Facial sculpt: (melanin control, etc): as per disguise spell SW, only works on appearance, not clothing

Freefall: TBA

Hangtime: TBA

Improved ability: TBA

Improve physical attribute: this power can be used to raise your physical attributes over your racial max by one level each purchase.

Improved reflexes: must be bought in order and are separate powers

Level 1: novice, Quick edge from SW

Level 2: veteran, like Quick but now any card under 8 is discarded

Level 3: heroic, Like QUick but every card under 10 is discarded

(in savage worlds it is possible to make two attacks a round using two weapon fighting but there is a -4 penalty. This penalty can be negated by taking the edges: ambidextrous, two weapon fighting, and holding two weapons)

Improved sense: same as Shadowrun

Inertia Strike: TBA

Killing hands: prereqisites (martial artist, improved martial artist) the adept counts as never being unarmed per SW rules pg 76, all hand to hand attacks are considered magic, PC adds a d10 to his strength roll for damage.

Kinesics: TBA

Kinesics Mastery: TBA

Lightbody: add plus 4 to your jump distance

Linguistics: TBA

Magic Sense: TBA

Metabolic Control: TBA

Missile Mastery: TBA

Missile Parry: can use fighting to parry missile weapons such as shuriken, arrows, grenades, etc

Motion Sense: TBA

Nerve Strike:

Nimble Fingers:

Mystic armor: gain plus 1 armor

Natural Immunity:

Penetrating Strike:

Rapid Draw:

Rapid Healing: as per SW rules



spirit claw:

Spirit Ram:



Smashing blow:

Temperature tolerance:

Three dimensional Memory:

Traceless walk:

Voice Control:

Wall running:


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