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  • Session Zero Metropole

    January 5th 2075 Adept: Puma Decker: Palach Mage: Sombra Our anti-heroes consisted of an Ork [[Adept]], A pixie [[Decker]], and an elven [[Shaman]]. got a text around midnight from [[:gilberto|Arturo]]. It read “I got a real milk run for you. …

  • Condor

    The Condor is an AA rated corp that runs a chain of stores that replaced all the Stuffer Shacks in Amazonia. They bought them out during the war with Aztechnology. There are rumors that a series of shell companies that owns Condor can be traced back to a …

  • GreenWar

    An Eco-Terrorist sell in Metropole. Conspiracy theorists will argue that the dragon government is not working with Green War. Cooler heads will see that though GreenWar is low on the governments priority list there is no evidence that they are working …

  • Thomas Roxborough

    Thomas Roxborough is one of the major shareholders of both Aztechnology and Universal Omnitech. He was a corporate raider living off of inherited money and engaging in hostile takeovers of companies, selling their assets for profit. In 2049, he was …

  • Arturo Gilberto

    A fixer who specializes in tech and R&D jobs and intel. Has deep connections throughout Sao Paulo, though he seems to rarely leave his favorite table in the [[Tanqua Lounge]]

  • Pedrinho da Metrópole

    The Inner Garden or Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina, home to Pedrinho da Metrópole, a dragon trying to bridge the gap between the anti-dragon factions and the dragons. Hires runners as go betweens messengers and body guards/escorts to bring people to …

  • Lazaro Machado

    Lazaro Machado: The mayor who is cozy with the megas. Manaus wants him dead for not following the law and being lax on business but can’t officially do much. They however hire shadowrunners to kill him. The megas in turn hire runners to protect him. There …

  • Mother

    Mother was a Shadowrunner and mage in Seattle until she crossed the wrong megacorp. She moved to Metropole to become a fixer.

  • Jacaré

    Jacaré is a Changling or mutant by birth and a Senhor Silva by occupation. He generally works for the corporations in Metropole as a middleman. It is well known that he is a Shaman of talent and a former shadowrunner himself. Rumors say that he is a pawn …

  • Navalha

    Navalha took over Comando Vermelho from a young age after the last leader nominated him after a motorcycle accident. Navalha has grown into the role and and brought the noise to [[Comando Verde]] their biggest rival. Where as Verde is a wiz gang Vermelho …

  • Astra

    A member of the [[101st]] in [[646]]. She has a reputation for being a risk taker but loyal. She is rumored to be a member of [[A Voz]] but there is no proof of that.

  • Takeshi Kitano

    Leader of the Komata-Kai gumi the local Yakuza organization. Known for being very aggressive when it comes to territory and not much for tradition.

  • Sid Gambetti

    Sid has fallen on bad times, after a failed hit on him by his own family Sid ran from Chicago to Sao Paolo. He is trying to set up an alternative to the Yakuza run Fights in Centro. Without mob backing he just has [[Comando Vermelho]] for security.

  • HAL 1337

    An Ai in a prescription drug vending machine. For a stationary object HAL gets around and knows a lot of people and intel. Dispensing drugs doesn't hurt. A legend among local deckers rumored to be an AI.

  • Tuck

    Tuck was a medic with Ares Firewatch and after Bug City decided to stick around in the Chicago Containment Zone and run a clinic. With project Takeback well under way and Black Star taking over his day to day operations Tuck moved to [[Paredao]] to open …

  • Gabby

    Gabriela (the most popular name in Metropole most likely an alias) or Gabby can jump from very friendly to very businesslike in seconds. She has a good reputation for a corporate Senhor Silva. She is from Metropole born amongst the upper class. Her …

  • Stacie Fleming

    Stacie grew up in Tir Tairngire as a corporate mage for Telestrian. After being injured by corpsec in a "friendly fire" incident that a lot of rumors surround she left for Metropole. She is the Talismonger at [[Art of Warlock]] and Senhor Silva. Her …

  • Batida

    A former Shadowrunner mostly retired. He now works on vehicles and drones and sells them. When drunk he likes to reminisce about his days as a ganger growing up and stealing cars or his times as a shadowrunner outracing the HTR.

  • Nelson Bastos

    NELSON BASTOS MAYOR OF WESTERN CENTRO Nelson Bastos has the interesting honor of being the world’s only openly vampiric mayor. Afflicted with HMHVV, Bastos is nonetheless on this second term as mayor of his quarter of Metrópole, showing that anything …

  • Kalina Stoykovska

    KALINA STOYKOVSKA, MAYOR OF EASTERN CENTRO: While her name marks her of Bulgarian descent, Kalina Stoykovska is second-generation Amazonian elf. Stoykovska is mayor of the eastern half of the Centro district. Stoykovska is nearing the end of her first …

  • César Moreira

    CÉSAR MOREIRA Mayor of [[São Paulo]] César Moreira, known as O Velho de Sao Paulo (The Old Man of Sao Paulo) is a tenacious, ornery old bastard who rules his city with an iron fist. The doyen of Metrópole’s truculent polit- ical scene, Moreira has been …

  • Eztli

    Eztli was wounded in the Aztlan war with Amazonia. He was deported from the country and is wanted by the Amazonian government but rumors abound that he is back with face changing technology.

  • Arcadefire

    Arcadefire is a from the CAS and a member of the [[101st]]. He was a shadowrunner but did most of his work for Black Star in Chicago. Rumor has it he has a grudge against [[:Sid|Sid Gambetti]] about something that went down there.

  • Alexei Kalashnikov

    Alexei Kaslashnikov is an assumed name of the leader of the second largest organized crime group in Metropole the [[Vory]]. Not content to sit idly by in the Number two position Alexei has been stirring the pot in Metropole. They are primarily based in [[ …

  • Creep

    Creep worked for Ares America for years but after an accident he transferred to Metropole. He must have pissed someone off because he was fired and went into the shadows. He tends to work remotely from his bunker.

  • Ela Ousa

    Ousa is a risk taker and a very vocal member of [[A Voz]] an anarchist organization bent on overthrowing the dragon government. She has a bounty on her head.