A crippled pixie decker


Palach is the runner name of Virginia Santos — though she rarely uses her real name. Like most pixies, she can seem out of sorts, a bit manic at times. It’s uncertain if this is an act or if she is a bit mad; either way, it belies a shrewd intelligence.

She prefers subtle tactics to brute force and doesn’t participate in meatspace confrontations. She performs best at a distance and generally requires the services of another party member to keep up in situations where mobility is required.


Palach doesn’t speak about her background too much. Those that know her well know that she used to live in Europe in her youth but has been a resident of Brazil for her adult life.

It’s very common to find Palach perusing the matrix and daydreaming about the new chrome or this year’s bioware techniques. She doesn’t talk about her crippled wings and legs much, but if pressed, she’ll jokingly say, “I didn’t move fast enough and got stepped on [manic giggling ensues].” In general, she manages well but tends to be afraid around the very tall and very burly; trolls and orks make her especially wary.

She hopes to earn the money to buy cyber- or bio-ware to offset her injuries but those expenses will have to wait until after she has a decent rig and program book built. It won’t do her any good to fix her wings if she gets stepped on again while living on the street. She’s quick to point out that capitalism’s greatest triumph is understanding the flow of resources well enough to put everyone in a state of bondage where little or no force is required to maintain it. Moments later, she’ll be talking about Rodin’s sculptures, Awakened folklore, or new developments in martial arts. Perhaps she is flighty in her thinking or maybe she doesn’t want to dwell on the trap most of the world finds itself in, especially these favelas!


Savage Run Palach