Savage Run

Food Fight!

Session Zero Metropole

January 5th 2075

Adept: Puma
Decker: Palach
Mage: Sombra

Our anti-heroes consisted of an Ork Adept, A pixie Decker, and an elven Shaman.
got a text around midnight from Arturo.
It read “I got a real milk run for you. Just go to this address.”
The address that Arturo gave them was in the heart of Paredao.
Paredao is a favella, some of the most inhospitable and mazelike ghettos in the world.
They went to the address with burned out cars out front. The doors were open and no one was there. They saw a manilla envelope taped under a table. It read “Check the trash can out back.”
The runners cautiously checked the backyard and found a trash can with a data chip taped to the bottom.

The Chip had a text file on it.
“I’m Senhor Silva. I just want a package delivered. I will send you a picture of the person to deliver the package to, the time and date. They will give you a code phrase ‘The Condor has landed’ and you will give them the package. Don’t open it, break it, or lose it. Pay is a thousand nuyen a piece. The package is in the burned out car in front of this building. Any questions can be sent to this burner commcode within the next ten minutes?”

The picture was of Urso in human form. The location was a Condor in a working class neighborhood not far from the Favela and the time of the meet was at 2 am. The runners grabbed the package from the burned out car and set off.

The Runners headed there on foot only to spot an Comando Verde ambush up ahead. Puma being from the neighborhood just kept strolling and was let past. Sombra and the Palach said they were with him and were reluctantly let past. The runners walked out of Paredao and caught a taxi to the Condor. Palach hacked the Condor and saw that it wasn’t a set up.

Sombra and Puma walked in while the Pixie flew up to the roof. There was a pregnant teen on the first aisle drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. A pistol prominently displayed in her waistband.

The store clerk, Veronica according to her nametag, eyes half-open, stared blankly at her
Her boyfriend (David) yapping about this new hair removal cream he was using on his back;
Two punk rockers (Jose and Julia) were making out in the aisle while the female slipped some cans of food into her jacket.
There was a mountain of a man who matched the picture of Urso wearing an armored Commando Verde green jacket in the back perusing the icecream.
A homeless man Dusty peeled off the lid to an icecream, checking to see if anyone was watching, Only Urso was so he winked and then dipped his finger into it and giving it a taste. The ganger walked away in disgust.

Palach noticed an SUV covered in Comando Vermelho colors and gang grafiti pull up out front. This wasn’t there turf. The Pixie decked into the Condor and locked the front door. The store clerk was busy making out with her boyfriend.

Puma took the package to Urso.
“The Condor has landed.” said Urso.
Pum handed him the package but before he could walk away Urso said “How you want to make some cred?”
The Lead ganger shot the lock off the Condor.
“1000 Nuyen each to you and your crew.” said Urso.
“Deal.” said Puma running for the door.
Sombra having heard the deal over her commlink cast a spell taking over a gangers mind. The ganger put his gun to his head and pulled the trigger twice. The first shot missed as he struggled to resist. The second shot grazed his skulls drawing blood. Puma punched the second ganger breaking his jaw. A dwarf ganger mage summoned a wolf spirit. The clerk and her boyfriend ran in the back room.
In the SUV decker ganger hacked the Pixie’s deck and shut it off. Urso pulled out a combat shotgun and shot one of the gangers wounding him through his armor. Sombra mind controlled the SUV driver and made him plow through his friends and Puma into the store. Sombra threw a bolt killing the dwarf and banishing the spirit they summoned. Urso growled “Fuck off!” the gangers walked out and the SUV pulled out. They got in and took off.
“You guys are good in a fight. Here’s credsticks. You ever need something let me know.” said Urso handing over three credsticks.

The Runners texted they were done and headed to the address they were given. Not far away a squat small house had a light on. A raccoon they later realized was Cauda Dura answered the door with a pistol. He handed them a credstick and quickly shut it. This appears to point to some cooperation between Comando Verde and GreenWar.

Karma: 2
Nuyen: 2300 each
Loot: para-sar medkit
Rep Comando Vermelho: -1
Rep Comando Verde: 1
Contact: Urso
rating 4 medkit (
4 healing)



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